Me, myself and I (+ the Army)

I just had to take some pictures in the afternoon sun, and luckily I was available to model for myself! As I was about to pack my gear and go home I realised that I was being surrounded by a dozen boys with big guns (not that kind). However I managed to evade the Swedish Army unharmed. For those of you who think this encounter is slightly odd and are beginning to suspect that Sweden might be a Military Dictatorship I suppose an explanation is in order. I was by Karlberg Palace that since 1792 belongs to Militärhögskolan Karlberg, the worlds oldest Military Academy.


2 thoughts on “Me, myself and I (+ the Army)

    • Thanks, appreciate it! Yeah I was really surprised to see a helmet and the barrel of a gun over that hilltop (I was on the other side when I first saw them, “in the line of fire” so to speak).

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