Övedskloster Castle

A quick stop at Övedskloster Castle in the pouring rain, with my sister and brother-in-law.


8 thoughts on “Övedskloster Castle

  1. the man behind the camera 🙂 can you share the history of your nice scar ?:) only because my baby boy is now trying everyday to “build” some scars on his head bumping it of everything … 🙂 not funny!!!

    • Hehe, I don’t think you need to worry, he needs to try really hard to get a scar like that. I had a mountainbiking accident about two years ago. Flew of the bike going down hill at about 50km/h and landing face first. I crushed my upper jaw and the doctors spent five hours patching up my face and putting teeth and pieces of bone back in place. Miraculously I suffered no head or neck trauma 🙂

      • oh! ouch!
        well..yeah..he has to work hard for that kind of scar!:) lately I really thought of buying this protection hat for bikes to put it on his head while he runs around the house 🙂 that’s how often he bumps his head:)
        lucky you had no complications with your head!
        and your face looks really okay-I wouldn’t have thought you stayed so much in surgery,so the doctors did a great job!

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