The filth of war

On a snowy Christmas day many years ago, a small boy set out to explore the world. In the green areas of Stockholm he found signs of human activity embedded in nature. A car battery hidden under last years grass, bicycle parts covered in moss and beer cans rusting away. The contrast between the beauty of nature and the ugliness of human consumption fascinated the boy and he wanted to come back and photograph it.  As it happens sometimes in life, nothing came of this and it was not until some 20 years later the boy, now a grown man, first sought to pursue his idea – capturing human interference with nature.

So, yesterday I got in my boat and went towards an old artillery battery in the archipelago. I spent the best part of my childhood in this area and I return as often as I can.

As you approach the island you see the turret, always facing east. The bunker was sealed long ago, being nothing but an empty shell it still serves a purpose as a reminder that sovereignty did not come for free and can never be taken for granted. It is a sad reminder that taints this otherwise stunning scenery.

The site has been left as if someone meant to return. Steel wire, chairs and buckets are found everywhere. The sign that warned foreign citizens not to approach the island has been taken down, but the stand is still there.

As always nature finds a way, and already flowers are trying their best to hide the ugly side of humanity. The filth of war is slowly washing away.


8 thoughts on “The filth of war

  1. Beautifully written! Takes courage to open up so much and show vulnerability. Will keep following the journey 🙂

  2. The pictures tell a whole story and your text is written with a susceptible heart. I think you should write a book about the area, illustrated with your photo’s. I would buy it if you did!

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