Spring is here

Present to myself

I quit smoking a few weeks ago and figured I deserved a treat. So I got myself a “new” car.





Gävle harbour. I got the feeling the employees operating these just left for their lunch brake and never returned. One day business is flourishing, the next day it’s gone…



A few shots from a visit at Fjärilshuset (The butterfly house), Stockholm a few weeks back.




Time passed

Almost two years since my last post, it sounds like such a long time when you say it. I will get into what I’ve been up to some other time, but for now I would just like to say that I’m back in the saddle. Oh, before I forget, thanks for still following my blog in spite of my absence.


Christmas Fair at Tivoli, Copenhagen

Some pictures from Tivoli, Copenhagen.












Endless shores

I spent Christmas at my sister’s house in southern Sweden. Me and my parents had booked a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark on the 23thrd where we had planned to meet up with my sister and brother-in-law before driving back to their house, just an hour from the Danish border. Unfortunately there was a massive snowstorm in southern Sweden and Denmark that day so after a delayed flight and delayed luggage we didn’t have any time left to spend in Copenhagen. It’s difficult to imagine these pictures of green fields and endless shores were taken just two days later, on Christmas Day.
















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